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1. I would like doTerra Aromatherapy and this is the scent I would like:
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Female Questions (Guys, skip to Question 26)
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About Your Massage!
24. I would like a quiet session, so no talking *
25. If time allows, I would like to add a stretch session to my massage, my therapist will do a full body stretch on me
26. Have you had a professional massage before? *
27. If yes, when was your last massage?
28. What kind of pressure do you prefer? *
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30. I understand that if the pressure is too much or not enough I should tell my therapist immediately *
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34. I would like the table warmer:
35. I'm ok with a foot massage
36. I'm OK with the gluteal (buttocks) massage, over the sheet, on the sides only
37. I understand that breast or genital massage will not be performed *
38. I understand that draping will be used at all times by either a full size towel or sheet covering all private areas, on females the chest will stay covered at all times. *
39. I understand that if at any point during the session my therapist makes me feel uncomfortable, I can terminate the session and receive a full refund. *
40. I understand that any illegal or inappropriate behavior on my behalf, will terminate the session, and I will be responsible for payment in full, and the authorities may be contacted. *
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