New Client Form

We look forward to serving you! We kindly request the following information to accept and process you appointment request. Once filled out we will review and accept your appointment with 24 hours. We may contact you for further information. Please plan 2-3 hours for a new client appointment. Thanks and see you soon!
1. What do you hope to achieve with this appointment?
2. How did you hear about us? *
3. Are you coming in for a major change? *
4. Are you able to style your curls confidently and successfully at least 90% of the time?
5. When was your last haircut? *
6. We Kindly require you send us photos of your hair. This enables us to book more efficiently for your hair type, length, and texture. Photo tips  -send clear easy to see photos - no filters  -send insp *
7. please fill out your contact info
8. I have sent my photos and I understand that I won't be booked until you receive these. I have read the Services Page on and understand the pricing and cancellation policy. *
9. I will arrive to my appointment with my freshly washed, detangled, and down in a curly style. *
Thanks so much for helping us gather information. We look forward to meeting you!