Body Treatment Consent Form

1. Please check if any of the following apply to you:
2. Any additional allergies or health related conditions?
3. I understand body treatments are for relaxation and to assist in the release of toxins and waste from the body. *
4. I understand body treatments require me to wear minimal under garments to ensure the even distribution of product over the entire body, excluding the face. *
5. I understand that if I find the temperature to be too much for me or if any part of the wrap becomes uncomfortable for me to alert my esthetician immediately. *
6. It is my decision to receive a body treatment and I have provided accurate information concerning past and present health conditions. *
7. I have answered truthfully to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I am for reporting any changes to my health to the esthetician as they arise. *
I understand that providing my signature below I am acknowledging that I have read and understood the consent form. Furthermore, if I have any questions or concerns I will not hesitate to ask.